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Welcome. I provide a safe and comfortable space to help individuals discover themselves and hope.  You can decrease your suffering and learn to heal and live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Psychotherapy is about healing the soul and it requires me to take a holistic approach to help decrease your suffering. I will pay attention to your mental health concerns, social and family situation, and your culture and age to develop a treatment plan best suited for you. 


In order for therapy to be effective it needs to be a collaborative experience between you and myself. You will bring your thoughts, experiences, and feelings and I will bring my education, training, and expertise. Together we will get a thorough understanding of the reasons that brought you to therapy and the things we need to "work on" in therapy to help you. This collaboration helps to cultivate a therapeutic relationship that is primary to fostering change and allowing healing to take place.

I look forward to working with you. 

Dr Sandeep Atwal


Available Treatments

Tel: 778-858-8755

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